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Le Blog of Daniel

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Daniel Trebunia Connect Message ...

Griffith woods school student, Pro gamer,

Awesome chef and nice student



Born in 2007 Daniel was raised in Canada By his mom and dad, at a very young age Daniel got an I pad, he was addicted by the age of 7 he was playing video games day and night. He always wanted to be a teacher but he didn't wanna go through all the school because it was too long.

2017 possibly one of Daniel’s best years, Daniel got to experience what it was like to be a teacher. He got to mark tests but it was hard, mostly getting tests wrong. He didn't want to become a teacher anymore and soon fell in love with cooking. Soon he entered a Gaming competition, he didn't win but he had fun.

Over the years, Daniel enjoys cooking and playing video games and loves school. He currently lives in Canada with his parents and is in grade 8.

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