• Yasmine S.

Learn How to Acrylic Paint

When you think of painting what comes to mind? To me that word is simple, was simple. I realized that there actually is a lot more than you realize to add that true artist appeal. In this Project I did my research and made a tutorial video so you can learn along with me. I hope you enjoy!

The things you need to start painting are:

- Canvas

- Pencil & Eraser

- Pallet

- Cup of water

- Acrylic Paint

- Paper towel

- Brushes

First off, the brushes. Each add such a different flare to create a piece of art that looks like it's come from multiple different worlds. But, now we have to learn what brushes are appropriate for Acrylic Painting.


Filbert Brush/ Wash Brush


Round Brush


Pallet Knife

and Last,

Fan Brush

Those are the 4 most common tools that you will use. Now to put it all together, the tutorial, I hope you learn as much as I did from this video!

Project Goals- 6,7,8,10,13 & 16

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