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Legendary Board Game, a creative new twist based on the book By Yusra N & Silvana S

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

After reading and annotating Legendary for my Inhale, we decided to turn it into a board game.

I used inhale goal #8 & Exhale goal #14.



IN GENERAL: First person to reach the end wins


If you roll the specific number that is on your card you may choose to use your power if you want to.

Each card has a power, the card you draw is the character you shall play as.

Every character has a unique ability


If you land on an arson square & want to kill someone, you can. As long as you roll your number. Some cards/characters & potions may undo death. Some have powers than can cause it.


If you land on a card that has a question mark on it, you must draw a fate or fortune card.

There is a 15/42 (5/16) chance that you may draw a card that allows you to go again.

There is a 15/42 (5/16) chance that you may draw a card that does nothing

There is a 15/42 (5/16) chance that you may draw a card that makes you skip a turn

There is a 3/42 (1/16) chance that you may draw a card that kills you


Once you die, a leaf will be placed on where you die. You must remember which one is yours if you’re not the only dead player. Then if someone chooses to bring you back to life, you remove the leaf from the spot & you restart from that square.


You may either choose to roll a dice to go a specific amount of spaces or draw a potion card.

(5/30)Yellow Potion:

Superspeed-You may go twice the amount of spaces of the number you roll

(5/30) Green Potion:

Healing-You may stop death. Each Green potion can save one person. Whether they’re about to die or already dead. After you save someone the card goes back to the pile.

(7/30) Blue Potion:

Time Travel-You may change the order of play and you get to choose who goes first and last. Each Blue potion changes the order once. After you change the order once, the card goes back to the pile.

(Most Rare-2/30) Pink Potion:

Telekinesis-Once every turn you may steal a potion from someone.

(5/30) Red Potion:

Super Strength-You may cause death. Each Red potion can kill one person. After you kill someone the card goes back to the pile.

(6/30) Purple Potion:

Flying-You may move 4 extra spaces until someone confiscates this card from you

There is no limit to the amount of potions you have.

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