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Favourite songs by Drake and Kanye

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

I wrote about 3 of my favourite Drake and Kanye songs and why I chose them and why their my favourite songs from them.

I annotated 3 songs from each of them and linked their music videos.

My favourite part was adding the links because i think it makes it more interesting and stands out.

Welcome back to the podcast The topic is my two favourite songs from them and their best songs (that I havent done yet) and see any hidden meanings to their beef.

But first here's the story of their beef. Kanye West and Jay Z were going to make an album and Drake thought that they stole their idea to make an album from Lil Wayne and Drake. Later they were trying to one up each other on their songs. In 2017 Drake responded to ghost writer claims saying that he had ghostwriting for Kanye.

Their top songs

Heartless - By Kanye West Kanye West - Heartless

The song is about a toxic and troubled relationship. In some of the lines he says “He lost his soul to a woman so heartless” and other lines that help with the fact of a toxic relationship and stuff that would happen in one. Also in the song it says that she wants him back and Kanye being lonely. The songs are about Kanyes relationship with Alexis Phifer and the end of their 18 month engagement.

The reason I picked this song is it's one of his top songs but also one that I havent talked about and has so many really thought through lyrics.

Controlla - By Drake Drake - Controlla

The song about it's about a relationship with a girl. In the lyrics “I think i’d lie for you and i’d die for you” and in the first couple words in the song Drake says ``My yiy just changed you buzzed in at the front gate” Yiy means eye in jamaican. Also from the lyrics you can tell that he's in a relationship and waiting for someone.

Favorite songs

Praise god - By Kanye West Kanye West - Praise God (Audio)

The song starts off with a speech by Gwendolyn Brooks which you can also hear later in parts of the song. The song has features from Travis Scott and Baby Keem. In this song you can really tell that Kanye is Christian with lyrics like “My God at the top” and “Living, speaking, praise God. In one more line Baby Keem says “Y’all treat your Lord and Savior like renters insurance” This means people only really pray or believe in him when they need his help or in trouble.

The reason I picked this song is because most of the Kanye songs I have annotated and talked about were either his most popular ones and older ones. So I wanted to do something recent and from his newest album Donda.

Nice For What - Drake Nice For What

The song samples Lauren Hill's “Ex Factor” and the song is about people working really hard to get money. Like single mothers struggling to pay rent and other things. He says this in one of the lines ``First - last phone bill, car note, cable” and “ Work 8am finish round 5.” These lines are about single mothers working really hard and I think part of the reason that Drake made this song is that his mother was in that situation and had to work extra hard because his dad wasent there.

The reason this is one of my favorite Drake songs is because I really like the beat and rhythm with it and how he samples other songs which make them new and memorable.


Drake and Kanye West both use song samples or speeches in their beats like Praise God and Nice For What they both use samples and I think that's what makes their songs so memorable and different. In the songs I picked there were no insults or back and forth from Drake and Kanye. The beef has also ended between them and they did a concert together and the beef is over.

The reason I picked Drake and Kanyes songs is because I think they have the most memorable and thought through songs.


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