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Penguin Promenade has leisurely waddled into many band student's brains.

At the K-9 school, Griffth Woods School, students in band has been practicing the beginner song 'Penguin Promenade'. I'm particularly in that option class, and the playful song has been replaying in my head over and over again.

In this article, I am going to be show what I did for my inhale and exhale for the instrumental song 'Penguin Promenade'.

Picture from unsplash


For this project, I'm redoing a goal. I choose to redo goal 3: Notice how literary devices (plot, character, theme, figurative language, etc.) work in the test. Explain how techniques the text creators uses interrelate to create and enhance tone and mood in the text. I focused on how the notes play a role in this song. It was a bit difficult because all I had to annotate was what I listened to, which was a bit of a challenge. But I'm proud of how I got through it and didn't mentally break down.


My goal was 11: Create a text in which tone and mood interrelate. Use techniques like word choice and order, film devices, figurative language, and imagery to do this. This time, I made a stop motion animation. I made a film overlaps the audio and then I wrote an artist statement that talks about the different choices I made to communicate the tone and mood. I was proud of the stop motion, keeping the camera still, capturing the different shots, and making the penguins was all a challenge. Editing was also a new thing to me, so I was surprise how well it turned out. Both the stop motion animation and artist statement can be seen with the link below.

Stop motion: Click here

Artist statement: Click here


To listen to a actual band playing the song, click here

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