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Rabbits and Their Belly Contents

Learn About everything a pet rabbit should and shouldn't be eating.


Rabbits should eat mostly hay, about 80% of their diet is hay. They should have unlimited access to it. I would recommend Timothy hay for rabbits 6 months or older, and Alfalfa hay for rabbits 6 months or younger.


Rabbit's should have 1/4 - 1/2 cups of pellets a day, about 5% of their daily diet. For younger rabbits (6 months or younger) I would recommend Alfalfa pellets. For the older rabbits (Over 6 months) you should give them Timothy pellets. Pellets shouldn't have any other things like corn etc. because the rabbit would pick out the treats and not eat the pellets.

Leafy Greens

10% of a rabbits diet is leafy greens(1 - 2 cups). They can have many but you should search it up before feeding it to them. Here is a shortlist of some greens that are good for them.

- Romaine Lettuce - Bok Choy - Cilantro

- Watercress - Basil.


0 - 5% of a Rabbits diet should be treats. Some of these include Apples(no seeds), Carrots, Strawberries, Dandelion, Kale.

-Please note that these are not all the things rabbits can or can't eat.

I researched what rabbits eat and their diet. I then created origami of the different food categories and put them on podiums depending on how much of a rabbits diet they make up. I am really proud of how the carrot came out. I wish there were a better origami design to represent hay because i ended up going with a grass one, just changing the colour.

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