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Rachel - Professional Biography


lRachel ives in Calgary, Alberta. She’s in grade 8, and attends Griffith Woods School.

Her favourite subjects are math and science, along with art and band. She likes to use her free time to sketch and draw, play the saxophone, and figure skate.

In figure skating, she has won many medals from competitions outside of her hometown, accomplished different kinds of dances, and now she's in pre juvenile where she is currently working on double lutz and flips.

For her musical hobby, not so long ago, she started playing the saxophone and has improved and memorized 5 scales (including the arpeggios and thirds). Rachel also enjoys drawing, sometimes she draws on paper, and many other times she likes to draw digitally; the software, krita, is her drawing tool.

When Rachel isn’t going to school, skating, drawing, or playing music, she is guaranteed to spending some good quality time with her parents, two siblings, and/or two dogs.

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