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Rumble Fish by S E Hinton : The author of "The Outsiders"

Rumble fish is a novel written by S.E. Hinton who is also known as the author of “The Outsider,” that is one of the most famous novels. This novel is about Rusty-James, who resorts to fighting to feel good and tells about his life. I am going to tell you about the characters in the story.

Rusty-James is the main character. He had a girlfriend Patty until half-way through the book when she learns that Rusty-James was seen fooling around with a black-haired girl at a party. He is 14 years old and drinks and smokes already. He has an older brother, The Motorcycle Boy. Though nobody else thinks he is his brother, but they have the same colour of hair and eyes. His mom left a long time ago when Rusty was little. His father lives with them but goes out drinking all day so he is hardly ever home.

The Motorcycle Boy is Rusty-James’s brother who has not revealed his real name. In my opinion I like this character because he is called The Motorcycle Boy. This is because he has an obsession with motorcycles. Fun fact, he doesn't own a motorcycle but he always borrows from people. At the end of the book The Motorcycle Boy is in the pet store staring at some Siamese Fighting Fish, which he calls "Rumble Fish”, so the name of this novel.

Steve is Rusty-James' best friend. Rusty-James says that Steve is 14, like him, but looks 12. I like this characteristic because unlike Rusty-James, Steve doesn't smoke, drink or fight.

I like this book because all characters have their own cool settings, and those special characteristics are fun to be in one single story. Maybe because the same author of The Outsiders wrote this, I can find some commonality between them, such as the death of an important character. I also like the part where The Motorcycle Boy sacrifices himself to prevent siamese fighting fish from killing each other.

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