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Rylan H

The Biography of Rylan H.


Rylan was born on August 6, 2008, in Calgary, Alberta. He was Bryan and Sarah’s firstborn child. Three years later his sister Reese was born, the second and final child of the family.

Early Years

As a young child, Rylan liked to take things apart to see how they worked. His father would often bring home old computers and small radios for him to dismantle. It was this hobby that first sparked the flame of curiosity inside Rylan. Rylan also took up the hobbies of skiing at age 4 and baseball at age 6. Even though he loved baseball, skiing was always his number one sport.

Life in BC

When Rylan was eight years old the family made their first move from Calgary, Alberta to Delta, British Columbia which is a town just 30 minutes south of Vancouver right on the American border. This was not an easy move because at the time Rylan was suffering from a virus called Influenza B, which took away Rylan’s ability to walk. This made the move very hard on the family. Even though he did heal it was still a very difficult time.


It was in BC that Rylan realized two things. One was that it was a lot warmer in Delta as it was located at sea level which meant it was significantly harder to find a good ski hill. Due to the climate, year-round sports were a lot more popular making baseball his number one sport. It was also in BC where Rylan discovered his love of mountain biking.


Recently just after Rylan’s thirteenth birthday, the family moved back to Calgary, Alberta to be closer to family and Rylan started school at Griffith Woods. Even though Rylan is still young he has lived an adventurous and colorful life so far.

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