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snazzy scarf

hello, today I will be telling you about my journey while crocheting a scarf.

It all began with a single ball of yellow yarn. It was tough at first when I had to slow down the video so much so that I could try to understand what was happening. Eventually I got the hang of it and then it was really fun and relaxing. I started to get faster and faster with the hook and my scarf was looking quite good. At this point I was no where near done and I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to finish the scarf, but I was going to cross that bridge when I came to it. I was almost finished with all of my yellow yarn when there came a huge knot! I spent at least an hour trying to get rid of the knot but it only got worse. All I could do was cut it off and attach a new colour. I chose to add green, I brought my scarf home over the long weekend and on Friday I had finished the whole green section. I had also chosen blue on Thursday before I left school, I worked all weekend and by the time school arrived I had finished off the whole blue section. But my scarf still wasn't long enough so I was back in the art room picking out a new colour. this time I chose pink, I worked for a couple of days and then I had finished the whole scarf.

This was such a long journey but i'm so happy with the results. I have learned a lot from this process such as always wrap your yarn into a ball, if not it will become a huge not, and if your making a scarf you can roll it up as you work to make it easier to handle, don't be afraid to unravel when you make a mistake ( I had to many times ). I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for so long now and i'm so happy I finally did

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