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Around 2014, I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) along with my family. It was a common interest of mine to be able to defend myself when needed. Honestly, I disliked the sport at first but gradually began to become interested in it. I started out sparing with opponents in just a t-shirt and shorts. As I progressed in experience and interest, my parents purchased me a proper “gi” which is basically a uniform for BJJ. From there on I went to classes 3-4 times a week and still do that now.

I am also in grade 8 and am attending Griffith Woods school. I enjoy biking with my friends on weekends as well as just hanging out with them at school. Basically, they make school so much more fun and make time go by so fast. Last year I joined the orchestra as well as tried out for the basketball team; I didn't make it. In grade three I was still in Battalion Park but since I was within the district, I transferred to Griffith Woods School along with my peers.

Outside of school, I really like to watch K-Dramas as well as anime. I especially like the genres romantic comedy and fantasy. Horror movies are my most disliked genre since well, they are absolutely terrifying to watch. I also like to bike with my friends as I’ve mentioned before. We like to have movie nights and go to places when we can. To conclude, I really love to be around my friends because they make me feel very happy and giddy all the time, as well as watch movies with my family.

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