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Squid Game- Netflix Newly Release

The recent release of the #1 Ranked Netflix Series "Squid Game" has received large amounts of fame and attention in very little time, now heres a closer look into the details of the characters themselves.

The podcast was made to further explain each characters individual personalities. and growth. Each group member was given a separate character to study throughout the series, then take jot notes to then be formed into a small snip-it of speech that is put into a podcast. Unfortunately, my other group member has the completed product as it was unable to be shared with others.

My goal was to be able to take the characters qualities and motivations from the text alongside strong evidence. Basically to be able to show that we could take what we saw in our character throughout the show and their changes in behaviour towards others.

I'm proud of how our cover art came out sense we all put a lot of thought into it as well as time to design it into something descreet yet with the idea of "if you know, you know".

Podcast Notes

Kang Sae-byeok~ 067

Played by HoYeon Jung

She had her first encounter with the main character also known as #456 (also her first appearance in the k-drama)

  • During the scene that she has her encounter, in my opinion she does a selfish act of theft, of course she must have had a good reason but I must say that she really wasn't even considering the fact that the other person may have needed it

  • In the game, she is shown to be a conservative person, so much that, she won't even give out her real name

  • Throughout the games, she has portrayed her independent figure as well as her cold personality, and condescending attitude

  • When playing the games, she uses stealth and her wits to survive and last the longest out of others.

  • Then whilst she progresses further in through the game, she warms up to certain people, developing a small bond of mutual trust


She was struggling to keep up with her financial needs, she needed to take her brother out of a foster home as well as bring her mother from North Korea to South. She also doesn't like to socialize with those who she considers strangers(which is everyone). At first you can also see that her body structure indicates that she is perhaps not full of muscle, but instead she seems to be underfed(hence the smaller structure and less fat build up) as well as lean with visible but smaller muscles.


Sae-byeok is a person who would do anything for those who are important to her, she would even risk her own life to save her family. This is because she joined the game that puts her whole life at risk, and keep in mind that this is for her mother and brother’s sake . Sae-byeok is also an independent person who doesn’t like asking for help or to show her more vulnerable and emotional side. She must also be reluctant to form any emotional/ mental attachments to others since if she were to lose them, it is too much for her to handle.


A side of her that is all demonstrated is that she acts quite selfishly since she risks everything without a single thought about how it could potentially affect others. Kind of like how she stole the main character's belongings without considering that he might have needed them desperately given the situation in which this accident occurred. There could have been an instance where she would take the money in which she would have gotten for her own uses and not have given it to help her family.

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