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The Behind The Scenes Of Seb-Nova

Seb-Nova is an episode in the podcast called Through The Thunderstorm, the episode is about a graphic novel called "Cardboard". This book was written by Doug Tennaple, he has a legacy in this type of novel, some of his most famous books are Tommysaurus-Rex, Ghostopalis, and Bad Island. I started this project by reading the book myself and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would, after that, I listened to other podcasts, studied the format, and added it to my own. Then I created the branding for the episode by creating a logo for the episode and now, it was time to finally start filming.


Podcast Script

Hello everyone and welcome to… SEB NOVA! I’m seb and today, we will be reviewing the book, Cardboard, this book was written by Doug TenNaple, he has a legacy in this type of novel. His style of writing is so different from others, he in some way expresses his characters through real-life scenarios, like in this book at the start, the dad is going through a rough time and goes to beg for money to buy his son a present for his birthday, but the only thing he could buy was a cardboard box from a weird man, but he still made it a special birthday by making characters out of that cardboard box. He somehow created this story that could theoretically happen in the real world, yet he adds his own fiction to the story. Anyways, in my opinion, I believe that the book was interesting and the writing was persuasive. The characters were intriguingly drawn and the plot and story were exciting. Overall I believe that this was a good book, it’s mostly for people that are 10-12, but I think anyone will enjoy the book.


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