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The famous battle of Marvel and Dc!

My video will tell you all bout the amazing war with Marvel and Dc and how it started and where the war is today!

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Civil war:

Inferential: They used the sound really well in this film like everything fixed together and depending on what hoping it changes with it. They use the camera really well to like it getting low and high and everything is good.They have really good light with the shadows and it's more a bright film. They put the editing so well together I can't even tell that they have different clips. It fits so well.

Critical: The theme was was good vs evil with lots of friend ships broken. and places like the world we know today. The film is very sad but also very happy And also very nerve-acting and exciting. It HAS EVERYTHING! The problem is a criminal organization and the avengers are split up so they have to find a way to work together. They have two teams ironman and captain america with there one biased

Literal: Name of movie Civil war, year film was produced 2016, The director is Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, The movie was made in the USA.

My opinion: the movie it's funny and extinct and heartbreaking. It has a lot of emotions and I think it's a really good movie. I really enjoy listening to and watching marvel movies. It's really good and I would say it's top 5 in my movie list.


Inferential: They did a really good job like civil war or even better They used the camera well but I think they did outstanding in the lighting. It's also a very dark film and it can be quite scary. They also sis everything good by putting the seance really clean together and it's really good. I think that they put it together really good

Critical: The theme was TRYING TO DO WHATS RIGHT BUT NOT IN THE RIGHT WAY and the movie takes place in a world like our world but it’s not in our world. he also a very fight and gorry movie that is a little weed but I think it was good The problem he the joker is being told lies all his life and he thinks the world is corrupted and needs to be fixed.

Literal: name of movie Joker, when it came out October 4, 2019, the director Todd Phillips, it was made in the USA.

My opinion: They did a really good job with this film and I think they were especially good with lighting and the sound effects were really good. It made you feel like you were in the movie even though you are not in the movie. The movie is scary and really good at the same time. It's funny and exciting. I think it's a really good movie.

Script: Hello and welcome to rgg! In today's video, we are going to talk about the differences between Marvel and dc. We will be comparing the 2 movies that we watched and noted about the joker and civil war. Anyways let's start with marvel.

What an outstanding movie. They did really well with Everything. Some parts I really think they did well with were when the battle was about to start. They really built up the moment like they made you get so excited and so ready for the fight. It was a funny and serious movie with friends and broken hearts. I think it was an amazing movie and I would watch it again in a heartbeat. The movie was based on the eagerness splitting up and fighting each other of friendship and everything worked out in the end

They did such a good job with this film something that stands out from this film from a lot of other films is the lighting. It's a darker movie and it is such a good movie. The lighting and editing were one of the best things I have ever seen in my life. It was a very scary movie and a very sad movie but I made you feel you were there was also a very crazy movie. It was based on a normal clown who thought the rich with mean and the poor were nice so he started to kill the rich and then a whole group of people joined them. That's the movie in 1 line but just extend it 2 hours.

In my opinion, I liked the marvel movie more I don't really know why but I think I just connected more to the movie and felt like it was just better

Anyways thank you for listening and I hope to see you next time! BYE!

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