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The Daunting Troop

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

"The Troop", a scary book about a group finding themselves is a frightening situation.

"The Troop" a book where a group of boy scouts go to Prince Edward Island once a year to do some adventuring but goes something twisted happens and a "freak" viciously attacks them. As they struggle to survive, it turns out that theres a laboratory under the island and that there was a virus outbreak. It also turns out that the government wants to use it as a bioweapon to control the world.

I explored topic and theme in a text, and I feel as I have meet that goal. My favourite part was the document of it revealing itself and why everything on the island is happening. The colours on the bookmark all represent an action from the movie, the blood represents how much time they have and the water is how far they are away from help. The bio symbol is the laboratory thats under the island which causes the whole book story!

Credits to the "The Troop" book

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