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the greatest ever planet coaster review

this a review on game to tell the reader if the game is worth buying and worth your time playing. you should read this review if your into tycoon or theme park video games.

Planet coaster is a Planet Coaster is a construction and management simulation video game. the game allows players to build different theme park rides and roller-coasters. There is no denying that Planet Coaster has been leading the coaster park simulation for some time now. It is also open to interactivity with other players. People all around the world can play Planet Coaster. They can also share their work with other Planet Coaster players and creators. Since its release, Planet Coaster has become a BAFTA-nominated video game and is one of the best-selling PC games of 2016. Planet coaster is more than just a video game it teaches you a lot about finance. You can go into debt and lose your park. You have to face big challenges with your park like stuff breaking down littering. You also have to hire characters in the game like security gerd that you level up that help your pack with vandalism and janitors if people start lettering. But the staff do quit sometimes. it makes it feel like you're really running a park. Planet coaster has very good graphics for an animated game and somewhat realistic for an animated game. With sound it's amazing the game has great dialogue and park sound. in planet Coaster there are also plenty of features like different modes like career mode. Career is a game mode in Planet Coaster that allows players to progress by completing scenarios in varying difficulties. And also sandbox, Sandbox Mode allows players to create a park without the stress of money or management, you can also choose your setting and what you want your park theme to be like for example you can choose to make it in winter with snow everywhere and even make your park in a forest. Overall, Planet Coaster is a great game. I suggested buying it if you're into tycoon games and running your own business type of stuff. The game can be played on any console and pc. So after playing planet coaster for a week or so on my ps4 i suggest giving the game a go.

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