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'The Hunger Games', a dystopian fiction that may be come real.

Updated: May 30, 2022

Suzzane Collins is giving clues that the hunger games may be our future is we aren't making wise decisions. Here are some topic and themes that are explained in this exquisite anime movie.


For my inhale, I watched 'The Hunger Games'. I watched, and listened to the movie. I chose goal1, which determined me to distinguish the topic and theme. I filled 3 graphic organizers and I concluded with Suzzane Collins was writing the hunger games to warn people to be aware of what they do. My other thought of a theme was that care and sacrifice was important, and a very strong mental health was necessary.


As for my exhale, I considered to try out 2 goals. They were Goal 9 and 10. One of them was to create a character to fit in the show (the text you're annotating) and the other one was about to create a text that uses techniques to build my purpose (which was how the captiol effects the player's mental health). I drew two drawings, and wrote two artist statements. (no speaking).

(Nova when she was younger)

(Nova 5 years later when she's 22 year's old)

To see the artist statement for the drawings please click on these links:


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