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A Million Junes is a extraordinary book, it deserves more appraisal

Updated: May 30, 2022

The book 'A Million Junes' isn't very well known, but once you start to read it, you won't be able to stop flipping the pages. IT'S A PAGE TURNER!

(Book by Emily Henry)


What I did in my inhale was an annotation of the book. My goal was Goal 3 (Notice how literary devices (plot, character, theme, figurative language, etc.) work in the test. Explain how techniques the text creators uses interrelate to create and enhance tone and mood in the text). Because my goal was about noting down literary things, I took a lot of time to analyze every character, plots, settings, and more. I fairly enjoyed reading the book, in fact, this was my second time reading the book.


For my exhale, represented, spoke, and wrote. I drew a piece of art (like a poster). I used acrylic paint to paint on a canvas. my goals for this project was goal 15 and I represented a drawing, spoke my artist statement, and wrote my script. I was looking out for how I created my theme. Soon after, I drew out the main theme I was trying to convey, and spoke my reasoning for my artwork. I even made a cover for the spoken artist statement.

The painting I drew:

(artwork by Rachel)

I spent a lot of time in this painting, I extremely loved showing June (the main character of the story) when she was young and older.

More of my work:

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Han H.
Han H.
13. Jan. 2022

This is such an amazing piece of art and I hope to see more.

Gefällt mir
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