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You've Reached Sam: Three Brilliant Covers

A story about the impossible love between two characters who refuse to leave each other no matter what it takes.; how can one represent something beyond the concept of life and death?

Evelyn's book cover


Hana's book cover


Sophie's book cover

For this project me, Hana, and Sophie read the book "You've Reached Sam", by Dustin Thao, and interpreted it into our own versions of a book cover with a blurb on the back. We used the knowledge we learned through the book while adding our own ideas to make these book covers. We all added creative ideas that were different from one another but still made sense to the topic of the book.

We all had different goals but we tried to find goals that could possibly relate to each other in order to focus on the same topic. We weren't able to all use the same goal because we did different projects in the past which lead us to choose ones that were similar to each other.

We're all proud of our ability to work together as we are friends and get distracted fast, even so, we were able to be productive and stay on task. We were also proud of our finished products because the book covers looked like they could actually work on a book and looked well done. Although we faced several challenges along the way as well as different ideas on what to do, we overcame those hurdles together.

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