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"The Last Airbender", Probably Used Their Last Braincells Making the film

Updated: May 30, 2022

Imagine you came home from a long day, it's almost 3 am and you decided to watch a show half asleep. After 3 months you decide to recreate this movie in the most appalling way possible, that's this movie.

A tragic re-creation of an amazing show. Made in 2010, directed by M. Night Shyamala, this nickelodeon production is an insult to the Avatar the Last Airbender show. It has to be one of the abominable things I've ever had to witness. From the culture to the characters, and the pacing it's amazing to me how it could get nothing right.

The movie starts off with the character introductions of Katara and Sokka, my apologies "so-ka." I'm genuinely confused how you could possibly mess up almost EVERY name in a movie when it has 3 seasons of a show with proper pronunciation. Like the "Ohvatar " "Eroh" And worst of all "Ong." To give it all a final touch the character designs are horrendous. They couldn't even get the proper culture of each nation. The water tribe was European, the air nomads had no solid culture, and the fire nation was East Asian for some reason?

Other visuals in the movie don't make it any better, are favorite furry friends Appa and Momo have been contorted into pure nightmare fuel, I mean have you seen these disasters.

The CGI is barely passable if you look at It from the eyes of a 2nd grader. I wouldn't be surprised if the Amber Island play from the third season of the show had a higher budget then this movie.

But then you look at the bending. For the word "Bending" being in the title, they did an amazingly awful job of recreating it in the movie. Let's look at it without the actual element around the characters. It looks great if they were 8th graders being told to do the salsa in P.E.

You see in the show each bending was based on a martial arts Water Bending is Tai Chi, Earth Bending is Hung Gar, The Northern Shaolin was used for fire bending, and finally, Air Bending was Ba Gau. So someone please tell me where they got these god-awful movements from.

And the final blow to this movie, "The Last" kick in the stomach. is that they didn't even TRY to get the story correct. Why Aang left the air nomads, how he got caught by general Zhao, almost everything that happened in the North Pole, the small earth kingdom Towns, starting a rebellion??? Almost nothing was right, mix that with the pacing and you haven't a clue what's going on. A movie is something you should be able to enjoy without much/any prior knowledge of the things it was based on, with or without having any knowledge of the show you haven't a clue about what's going on.

The Last Airbender is one of, if not the worst movies I've ever watched. In fact, its so bad I've decided to make a montage of some of the worst moments in this movie:

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