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Sad Life Of Angela

Updated: Jun 2, 2022


Angela was born on December 2, 2008, making her one of the youngest in Grade 8, and is constantly made fun of by her friends because of that. She moved from Saskatoon, Sk to Calgary, Alberta, and is currently an eighth-grade student in Griffith Woods School.

Angela rarely gets offended and takes everything lightheartedly, she has a sarcasm problem and self-deprecating humor, but at the same time is the most unrealistically optimistic person ever.

She is passionate about badminton, basketball, technology, art, and music. Her hobbies include eating, drinking, sleeping, laying in bed, and playing video games occasionally. She’s always curious about video editing and music production and would like to learn more about the subjects.

She would love to spend a cozy night in bed watching streams with snacks and reading fiction thrillers with breath-taking plot twists. Even though that never happened and probably never will.

She’s always curious about video editing and music production and would like to learn more about the subjects.

Angela has a loving family with her parents. Also, her very much annoying and weird little brother in kindergarten who spends his time entertaining himself by watching Angela suffer in any shape or form.

Growing up, Angela has absolutely zero accomplishments except for that one time she won the Saskatchewan Badminton Association tournament first-place medals in both singles and mixed doubles. Now that she thinks back to that moment, the only reason she won the gold medal in mixed doubles is that she got hard carried by her teammate. She has a love-hate relationship with badminton because of her laziness.

Another "accomplishment" is when she placed third in a Gauss Math Competition in Grade six, but then she was confused and didn't know what she was doing half of the time; which makes sense because she's useless in math class.

Angela has a curious mindset with lots and lots of questions. She enjoys interacting with people that share the same interests as her, people who are entertaining, and people who are easy-going and can take a joke. Her dream is to graduate from a talented university and get a career in either medical care or computer science.

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