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Timeline of Drakes life and success and early music career

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The timeline of Drakes life from him beginning his music career to him becoming worldwide known.

I researched about where he grew up and how close that was to me. I also researched about his first job, song and album and most successful songs and album.

My favourite part was looking back on where i lived and now realizing and finding out more about where i lived when i was younger.

Early life

Welcome to the (podcast name) Today's topic is Drake's story of success and how beginnings of music and where he grew up and how that connects to me.

Drake grew up in forest hill with his mom a 40 min drive to my house.

Drake’s parents divorced when he was 5 his dad was a drummer for the rock and roll star Jerry Lee Lewis and his uncle played the bass for Sly and Family Stone. So Drake had a lot of musical talent in his family or music in his blood on both sides of his family.


Drake starred in the Canadian drama series ‘’Degrassi The Next Generation.” He played Jimmy Brooks, a basketball star who gets shot by a classmate and loses his ability to walk. The series came out in 2001 so I wouldn't have known about it since I wasn't born then. While Drake was still in Degrassi he made his first mixtape “Room For Improvement” in 2006 he sold 6,000 copies.

During 2007 he released another mixtape “Comeback Season” This had Drake's first hit and music video “Replacement Girl” which was featured on The New Joint of the Day on BET’s popular hip hop and tv show 106 and Park. The show was also filmed in Toronto so I might have gone by one of the places they filmed.

First sign

This got the attention of Jas prince son of Rap a lot founder James prince. But in 2008 Degrassi got rid of the cast, that meant that Drake had to get a different job, but then he got a call from Lil Wayne who asked him to get on a plane to Houston to join the tour with him. After touring Drake recorded some songs with Lil Wayne, Drake released his third mixtape called “So Far Gone” and had his best song “Best I Ever Had” he had another song Successful with Trey Songz and Lil Wayne this song made Rolling Stones Top 25 songs of 2009.

During 2009 there was a bidding war for Drake's signature; he signed a record deal with Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment. I think back then Lil Wayne was more popular because now I don't hear a lot from him and i didnt listen to rap at the time he was popular.

Success and “Beef”

Even though Drake was really successful, he and Chris Brown became rivals for the affection of Rihhana. In 2012 Drake and Chris Brown got into a fight causing people caught in it to file suits against them. He also had beef with Meek Mill after Meek said Drake was using a ghostwriter for his songs this turned into a diss war between the two.

Drake also had beef with Kanye West but Kanye said he wanted to squash the 12 year old beef between them in a video. Kanye wants him to come on stage in a collaborative concert performing Donda by Kanye West and Clb or Certified Lover Boy by Drake, These two albums came out during September and August, these two albums are probably one of the only ones I remember coming out from these artists.


In 2016 Drake released an album with Future called “Views” it was a success on top of the no.1 for 13 weeks, and one of the hit singles was Hotline Bling which got a Grammy for best rap song\best sung performance in 2017.

About a year after the Grammys Drake dropped the album Scorpion which shattered streaming records over its first 24 hours it got 170 million streams on Apple Music and 132 million on Spotify after one week the album got 1 billion plays, making Drake the first artist to ever get that. Drake also settled the beef with Chris Brown and made a song together called No Guidance and also invited Chris Brown on stage with him.


Drake grew up with music in his blood and his story is just full of success like being the first artist to get 1 billion streams on a album and have millions of streams and getting recognized at the beginning of his career by a mainstream rapper at the time. He is also one of the most iconic rappers, coming out with his own clothing brand and being an ambassador for the Toronto Raptors and one of the most known rappers \hip hop artists of this generation in my opinion.

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