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Tokyo Ghoul

A say in Touka's life written in her diary

Date:October 3

Today was a full day so let's start at the beginning. Today I was coming to work and I stopped by a pond to watch as fish glided through the crystal clear water and birds as they landed on the trees in the early morning dusk. I passed a school. As I continued walking I saw some investigators at a scene. I hate them.because of them we need to hide. That started my day off, then I got to the cafe. I opened up the door and the smell of coffee was blowing through my entire body. I love the smell of coffee, it's one of the only things I eat, then I started working. We got some new customers. One was a nice wrinkled old guy called Jim and our regular ghouls came too. I have always hated that we have to hide ourselves from the investigators in this coffee shop, it's unfair… then a couple of weird school students came in one was really weird… and loud! The other seemed uneasy and quiet like he knew something, I dunno. After that mr.Yoshimura and I closed the shop.

I started on my way home but as I was walking I ran into some weird old man. His eyes were glazed and he walked funny and one of his eyes was closed and then he attacked me! as we were fighting, I landed a punch to his cheek and I could feel his jawbreak, then I finished it with an uppercut or I thought I did. Then that quiet nervous looking kid slowly walked up again. The old guy then lunged and started yelling at him. This old guy was really annoying now so I killed him. I offered the kid some of the guy's arm but he ran off. The strange thing about him was only one of his eyes was red, not both like normal ghouls. I then had to get rid of the rest of the old guy. Then I got home and that finished the day.

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