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Tokyo Ghoul's Meaning and Topics

Finding topic and theme within Tokyo Ghoul

Topic:The topic seems to be in Tokyo there are tall buildings and Tokyo style ramen and food bars. There is a ghoul and human war within the wards which are like cities that are called wards to keep track of everything, there are also people called ghouls who try to blend with people also eat people and the ghoul investigators like a person the main character meets called Touka who has a angry attitude towards the investigators, Kaneki who was once a human who got turned into a ghoul now lives with the people at Anteiku. Most ghouls are ruthless killing machines but some ghouls are just misunderstood. For certain investigator Rank 1 Investigator Amon was taught to think all ghouls were bad but when he met Kaneki His perspective swayed.

Theme:I think that the author is trying to say that in a world that is at war the perspective and the way others are may not be as different from your own by incorporating the ghouls and human investigators, the investigators hate ghouls and think that all ghouls deserve death but Kaneki is able to sway one of their perspectives. They're trying to say that maybe If you just give a person a chance, they could show you what they really are. Other themes seem to include a mystery and search like a detective chase when they need to find the person who turned Kankei into a ghoul and they explore a lot of places and houses.

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