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Van Gogh Reawakened!

Vincent Van Gogh's style emulated and reawakened by Griffith Wood's Anderson L.


A beautiful work of art by Anderson L looking back to the time of the one and only, Vincent Van Gogh.

This drawing was inspired by the works of Van Gogh. This art piece is meant to signify the light and dark within everything. When I started this project I had intended to create a drawing in black and white since, and not many people know this, Van Gogh said that he needed to master the black and white before touching colours and he only drew in black and white for several years. Although being known for his many amazingly coloured paintings most of his work was in black and white and I planned to create something like that to reawaken an even older style of Van Gogh. However this plan changed.

One night, I was online scrolling through youtube before going to bed. I saw a picture of light reflecting off a lake and that inspired me to create an image based off of that. I decided to make a mountain scape reflecting off of water since it is a nice and calm thing but I made the reflection in dark and sad colours to say how everyone and everything good or nice has darkness deep inside them. Once I finished all of the mirroring I added some Van Gogh style swirls and colouring once again mirroring the design with only a ruler and a protractor.

The hardest part of this project to me, not being an artist, was making an accurate reflection down to 0.2 centimetres and finding a design and colour scheme. That was the how and why of Anderson L’s newest creation. I hope that this could in some way inspire and/or help you. Thank you, have a nice day!

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