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How A Romance Movie that Filled with Robots got so many Likes

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

On our second Room to Breath project, we made some characters in Wall - E as Pokémon cards and skills that are related with the main concepts of characters. While watching this Pokémon cards, I want viewers to think about story of Wall - E and how character's concepts are reflected in our Pokémon cards. About design of cards, we didn't really changed colour from original Wall - E characters, and we also used same layout as normal Pokémon cards. Last thing to mention about, is that we made many details, like as evolution or background on some cards.

Wall - E is a movie that gives us inspires and feelings about robots.

Wall E holding a rubik's cube
Wall E Picture

700 years after people left the Earth, there was one robot survivor who is called “Wall E.”

But one day, Eve, a robot who is searching for the plant, came to the Earth and searched for plants. At this point, Wall E fell in love with Eve, even though he was a robot.

Eventually, Eve found a plant and she went back to the Axiom spaceship. But Wall E was crushed on Eve, so he decided to sneak into the Axiom spaceship.

Eve showed her plant to the captain, but somehow she didn’t have it.

The reason was auto commanded other robots to remove the plant, but Wall E found it and they went back to the Earth.

In Wall E, Andrew Stanton, who is the director of this movie, uses robot’s feelings to make us think more about our personalities and feelings such as love. As we kept watching the beginning part of the movie, I could connect one thing to the real world. In the movie, earth was going to die and the sky was occupied with dust. But if we keep ignoring the advice from the scientists and others and keep damaging the Earth, Earth will be occupied with dust and trash in the future. We both said that he can connect this movie to our life. We got crushed on someone once in grade 5, like Wall E crushed on Eve. When they really care for the plant and think it is really important to them, I can connect to me and my family. I really love my family and I think they are important to me.

Character Informations

- Wall e is the only surviving robot on Earth. He got crushed on Eve and decided to follow her.

waste allocation land lifter Earth class

- Eve is an Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator robot, who is finding a plant on the Earth. Eventually she found a plant on the Earth and went back to the Axiom spaceship where she came from.

- Plant : This item can activate the Axiom spaceship to go back to the Earth immediately.

Auto : This robot is a central robot in the axiom spaceship. He also breaks some of the order from the captain. When Eve finally found the plant, auto tried to remove the plant.

Captain B.McCrea is a captain of the Axiom spaceship, and he usually manages the whole Axiom spaceship.

- Mo is the smallest and the cutest Cleaning robot in the Axiom spaceship. The fun thing is that he is the only robot in the Axiom, who can cross the robot lines. But every robot except him, should stay in the robot line. This fun feature helped Wall E and Eve to survive in the garbage dump.

- Wall A is a bigger version of Wall E, who makes trash into a cube in the Axiom spaceship. They helped the Wall E group when they were in danger.

John and Mary : They both know Who Wall E is, and they found Wall E and Eve dancing in space. They accidentally touch each other's hands, and they fall in love. In the last part of the movie, you can see they are married.

Most romance movie’s actors are people, but this movie’s actors were robots, so it was interesting. Also the movie gave us immersion while wall e following eve because that he fell in love.

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