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What's Making Rappers Die At a Young Age

Why does every rapper die at a young age?

Well there i something called " 27 Club " and its basically a " Club " of rappers that have died at 27 or younger than 27. Some very famous people that have died before 27 are XXXTentacion, JuiceWRLD, Pop Smoke, 2pac, King Von

and even more!

They die at that age because people might have something against the rapper and they want something bad to happen to them. I personally wrote about this on my website and at first i thought it wouldn't be as bad as i thought it would be, there's been a lot of rappers that have died.

My goal was to attract viewers' attention and get people that are interested in learning this topic and people that like to read articles, also another goal i had was to have enough information to prove that i can actually talk about this topic and able to be confident

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