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What Would Happen If There Was a Massive Power outage?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Have you ever thought "What would happen if the power just went out?" Well, the book "The Rule of Three" is a survival book about a high school student named Adam who, along with his friend Todd, experiences a power outage during the school day. Todd and Adam leave school early because of the power outage, relieved that they won't have to endure another minute of school.

While Adam is on his way home he notices that old cars like his are the only ones able to work. All new modern cars all stopped. He then realized that this power outage might be more serious than he expected it to be.

For my exhale I made a podcast about this action-filled book. You can listen to this podcast for a quick review of this book, or you can read this book yourself to find out what happens next.

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