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Why the World is Split in Half

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The passage below contains the reasons as to why women where put below men for no good reasons. The solution of discrimination and info all about sexism.

Who: Different gender roles and stereotypes have been around forever, since caveman times but there was no superior gender until the Medieval times and way before that. As time went on men were seen as strong, hard working, brave and better in general. For women it was quite the opposite. Women were seen as weak, stupid and only good for having kids.

What: Sexism is the dis-inclement of one gender. The idea of one gender being a higher quality just because of their anatomy. Sexism evolved into women having no rights, no voice, they were silenced. Site there looks pretty cook, clean look after the kid, that was the past, the present and the future of women at the time.

When: The word sexism may have started on November 18, 1965, by Pauline M. Leet during a "Student-Faculty Forum" at Franklin and Marshall College.

Why: Men are usually physically bigger than women and apparent size determines your worth and value as a human being. That is the main reason, but women grow, feed and birth a whole other human living thing. Men can't do that.

Examples of sexism then: Not letting women vote, can't play sports, Can't have a job or an equal paying one, Preserved as being stupid, not leaving without a man, not having a voice. Those are without going into detail.

Examples of sexism now:Women get paid way less than men for doing the same job, only having changing tables in the women's bathroom, men having more power. 59% of women are embarrassed to report street harassment, 63% of women have been confronted with verbal abuse, in Siberia 76% of businesswoman have not been taken seriously by men. That shows how much we need to change.

Solution: Feminism. Feminism is the idea that both genders will be equal and women will be treated like they should (with respect and like people.) Feminists want a world without a patriarchy, without harassment and violence and ending sexism. Having women's rights are human rights. Everyone should be a feminist.

Problems: The patriarchy and male privilege. Patriarchy is the society, system or government when the men are in power and have privilege. For example the family has the fathers last name or the eldest male will be crowned.

Standers: Another massive problem is beauty standards for women. In Order to be considered beautiful women need to have a small waist, no body hair at all, no stretch marks, big lips, big up to and on the bottom. This can make people extremely insecure. Men have unrealistic beauty standards too.

Shot form:

  • Women are targeted because of their gender.

  • Sexism is un-included one gender, similar to racism

  • Men can be stronger

  • Not having the same rights as men

  • Feminism can be a solution to sexism

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