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Why does a podcast "Under the Influence" is one of the best Canadian radio documentary series

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I listened to a podcast called Under the Influence by Terry O'Reilly and then annotated his podcast. For the exhale, I made a podcast that advertising and representing the movie called "Wall E", and I used techniques that I got inspired by Terry O'Reilly.

Under the Influence is a podcast series about marketing and advertising presented by Terry O'Reilly. For the Ask Terry 2021 episode, he starts his podcast with talking about the old albums, and then he starts to answer the questions from listeners that have the most responses. He ends his podcast with credit, which was very smooth. Also there were some great questions and answers at the middle of the podcast.

Why are advertising names so boring? Because the trend was to name the firm after each founder. Like batten barton durstine & osborn. There are few creative advertising names, such as 72andSunny. Sunny means positive, so 72 also means positive. If I should make my own company name or advertising name, I would name it “Yejun and 113.” 72andSunny inspired me to name it, because it gave me ideas about numbers in a company or advertising name. 113 is bigger than 100, so it makes the company familiar.

He also answered a few personal questions. One is about “Have you narrated any audio books?” The answer was he narrated two audio books that he read. Maybe it was a personal question, he answered really short and briefly. Other questions like “Why are advertising names so boring?” are not a personal question, so he answered with a lot of details. This was interesting, because most people wouldn’t really like their personal questions and answers, so he answered really fast.

My favourite question was about “are copyright songs illegal to use?” He answered that small companies like his have no big deal with it, but if a big company uses the copyrighted song, they have to give them license fees. Also he said that the listeners can use his songs that are in his podcast, and it is free. He used that sentence to make listeners think that this podcast is a really good podcast. This was one of my favourite questions, because he used some cool sound effect rather than just saying a word. For example, he represented a bad sign as a warning sound effect. It made it easy to understand.

I liked where he used soundtracks or songs to make listeners easy to understand. Also, he opens his podcast with a topic that is not really related to his main topic, to make listeners wait until the main topic begins, and make the soft opening. Terry O’Reilly used this topic, Ask Terry 2021 episode, to end his 10th podcast season softly. This whole text is persuasive because he gave us the question, and then he started to answer his question logically.

The first sentence that he said was talking about the albums. This was a clue, and can be connected to the few sentences after this sentence.

My “Wall E” Podcast Script :

Have you ever watched any romance movie that is filled with massive robots? You may have laughed at what I said, but actually, there is a movie that shows two robot’s romantic story.

Ladies and gentlemans, welcome to my first episode, Jam or not a jam. Before I start my podcast, I want to ask my listeners one question, can you live on an Earth that is occupied with dust and fragments, and even the sky is coloured with gray or brown? The movie Wall E starts with the place where I just said to you. There were lots of people on the Earth, but they decided to move to space, because they thought they couldn't live on Earth anymore. Air quality wasn’t really good, and there were no plants on Earth anymore. They left some cleaner robots on the Earth and they flew away to space. Unfortunately, most of the cleaner robots died, except the one robot survivor who is called Wall E, the cutest robot on Earth, but also has the warmest heart on Earth.

One day, our cutest robot, Wall E, found a small spaceship. He was curious about the small spaceship, so he went closer to it. Soon later, there was a robot coming from the small spaceship who looked like an egg, and she is called Eve. At this point, Wall E fell in love with Eve, even though he was a robot. Wall E always tried to show his mind, but it didn’t really work out. One day, when they got to know each other, Wall E invited Eve to his house, and showed her his cool toys, like a Rubik's cube, or small bulb. For the last time, he showed her his green weird thing, but Eve went to sleep.

Eve’s mission was to find the plants on Earth, because the people needed the plant, to go back to the Earth and plant. She was sended by the captain of the Axiom spaceship, and if she finds a plant, she has to report it to the captain. One day, she sended to the Earth and searched for the plants, but she found a robot, who looked funny and old. He invited Eve to his house. He showed Eve fun toys, but he also showed her a plant in a boot. Eve took the plant, and went to sleep mode. Weeks and months later, the small spaceship went back to the Earth, and took her. It seemed the spaceship was going back to the Axiom, the giant spaceship where the small spaceship came from, but Wall E was crushed on Eve, so he decided to sneak into the spaceship.

Wall E and Eve finally got to axiom. Wall E saw Eve being carried to the captain’s room because she has a plant, but Wall E loved her so much that he followed her secretly. When they entered the captain’s room, the captain commanded Eve to give him her plant, but she didn’t have the plant. She finally noticed that Wall E followed her secretly, she thought it was Wall E’s fault, so she tried to send him back to the Earth, but they found a robot who stole their plant and tried to remove it.

Wall E is one of the most interesting romance movies, because the actors are not just people, they are robots. Also the movie gave me immersion while Wall E followed Eve because he fell in love. Andrew Stanton uses robot’s feelings to make us think more about our personalities and feelings such as love. Also, I liked where the Wall E kept trying to hold her hand, because he hadn't done that before, and also he loved Eve. Will their operation succeed? I hope you watch this movie from the beginning. Thank you for listening, and it was Jam or not a jam.

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