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A College Nobody to a Star

What does it really take to become someone of an all-star caliber. And what if you also had slim chances of being noticed. Well thats a question that Ja Morant can answer. Watch some of his highlights .



This project tried to emulate the play style that Ja Morant uses in game. I learned the basics of his play style in my inhale project which had research project goal. Im was fairly happy with that the illustration for my exhale.


The artwork represents an image of Temetrius Jamel Morant (also known as Ja Morant). It is based on a picture taken of him dunking overtop Kevin Love, then the drawing has trails of doodles trailing behind him. The drawing was done in graphite pencil, fine liner, and alcohol-based markers.

The theme is representing the aspects that Ja Morant brings to the game of basketball, hence why he is dunking. I also chose an image of Ja Morant where he jumps above someone showing his vertical jump. The doodles are mainly revolved around basketball and his college where he proved his dominance which was Murray state college.

The color choices for the main drawing were the colors represented on the original colors from the photo. The doodles are darker yellows to represent the color scheme of Murray State College, the light and dark blue doodles are in the color scheme of the Memphis Grizzlies.

The layout is based on the image originally taken. But the background audience and players are removed and replaced with doodles that trail Ja. Some details are the ripple effect added onto the jersey to show the movement through the air, the specific direction of the doodle trail is showing where he leaped from.


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