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A Deep Dive Into The Mind of Roland The Gunslinger

The character Roland has many many features and characteristics explained through out his journey to the dark tower revealing many dark secrets about him along the way. which will be explained in this podcast about characters.

In this episode of the character director podcast Jonah goes on a journey into the mind of Roland the main character of the dark tower series. what secrets will he hold and what will happen. all will be answered in this episode. As i was reading the book and Taking notes on the character qualities of Roland i had goals such as analyze characters and think about the purpose and author. in the podcast i really like is the music in the background.

Credit goes to the dark tower wiki

The episode of The podcast about the dark tower.

The script for the podcast episode on the dark tower

Hi i am Jonah And welcome back to the character director podcast and today we will be diving into the motives behind the characters in the gunslinger The first book of the dark tower series. - 8 seconds

music plays - 5 seconds

Roland is also known as the gunslinger is considered to be the anti hero of the story as he as little to no sense of morality and is shown as a cowboy wandering the desert who often betrays the ones close to him and the ones he loves as well as never revealing his feelings, goals or motivations to anyone. - 20 seconds

Roland also murdered his old lover and his young travelling companion for seemingly no reason at all even though it was shown that he loved and cared for them showing no remorse or guilt at all. He came from Gilead which there was said to be a code he has to follow but it is never shown through his character what this code is. - 25 seconds

music plays - 5 seconds

His main goal throughout the book is to find the dark tower as well as the man in black who is a priest, wizard demon who was fleeing across the desert towards the oracle in the mountains. Near the end of the book he catches the man in black in the mountains and begins to travel with him. - 25 seconds

music plays - 5 seconds

That is all for today thank you for joining me on the character director podcast. I'm your host Jonah and have a good day. - 5 seconds

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