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Don't Know How to Make a Poem? Press Here, and Read Where My Inspiration Came From!

This page is about Rupi Kaur's poems, the steps to create a poem and my poem. This is for all the people who are interested in making a poem and don't know how. This also for people who want to see the my most treasured Rupi Kaur Kaur poems. You might deeply absorb her poems more than you expect, hope you enjoy!

These are Rupi Kaur poems, these are what inspired me to write my own poem and maybe you can too! These poems are all minimalist poems. A minimalist poem is a short poem that is loosely defined and quite simple. These kind of poems make you think and are very deeply. Rupi Kaur usually writes these kind of poems and I was very intrigued when I read the deep thought in her poems. These minimalist poems that she wrote got me thinking that maybe I can write one too! The pictures down below are some of my favorite gems that she wrote please read them below and you might find yourself fascinated!

Poet: Rupi Kaur

The very first line she says she "dives into the well of her body," I think she means she went into her own world, by herself, and discovered some prodigious. After spending some time alone she says "everything I need already exists in me." She finally realizes you will be fine just living with yourself for a bit and uncover things that you are going to find staggering things about yourself. You may also find things that you are inferior at, that's not always a bad thing. If you detect mistakes you can improve and recover over them and you can be proud of it. She finally says, "there is no need to look anywhere else," after learning all that she realizes that she is felicitous, to no one else except her self.

Poet: Rupi Kaur

This one has to be my favorite out of these 4, it is such a powerful message. I feel like she put a new line after the first line t make a new statement and it made the sentence really strong. It basically means she will admit to her mistakes. The next line she says "It pulled a warrior out of me," which means that she is is telling her self that those mistakes shaped her and made her stronger than ever. Then she says on the last line, that has the greatest honor of being her. The thing is she left it with no period and what I think the meaning of this was that she can still grow with herself, even stronger and prouder of who she really is.

Poet: Rupi Kaur

She first makes a statement that she is water which is a statement until she justifies it. She says she's "soft enough to offer life" which I think what she means is that she is a pretty "go with the flow person." After she says this she says something pretty powerful, "Is tough enough to drown it away." That sentences is pretty astonishing, she can be delighted but she is a very feelings person. She can, "drown it away," that is a sign of a fighter with strong opinions, and drowns the pain away.

Poet: Rupi Kaur

The first line she says "feeling disconnected for so long-," and ends it like that. Well we know one thing for sure, she feels disconnected from herself and the world. The next line she mentions that "her mind and body ae finally coming back to each other." When she says that her mind and body are two separate things that done "flow on the same path." The following line she say that they find there way back to each other, she is simply saying that they are cooperatively working with each other. That same sentences she touched back up on the first line. Even the simplest poems can be the show stopper.

Now that you have seen where my inspiration came from now it's time to see my project after these very major steps to make out your poem! After lots of research I hope it was valuable and functional for you!

Things poems need:


-Complete or incomplete sentences (depends on type of poem)

-Sometimes rhymes




-Drawings (optional)

Things poems DON'T need:

- Perfect rhymes

- Clichés

-No from the heart

-Don't get right to the point


Now that you know what poems need, and don't you are ready to step these 9 steps to get a draft poems!

-1- Don't write a poem line be line.

-2- Set a 10 min timer and free write anything you want (make sure to jot note anything you are thinking)

-3- Choose your poems style (Down below)

-4- If you don't have enough lines read some more poems to get inspired and add to you list.

-5- Time to start! start putting lines together, it is ok to add or takeaway lines.

-6- Read aloud and make sure it sounds great

-7- Now you have your first draft! Congratulations! Poems are aloud to be short

-8- Cut stuff not needed things, swap pieces, revise, structure, meaning, grammar, punctuation. Make as many drafts as needed I know I had to.

-9- You are done!!!

-Types of Poem-

Now to see mine!

Why I Wrote This

For the lower case (i’s)

I didn’t use any lower cases when I referred to myself, because when people use capitals for themselves it sounds like they are the center of attention, and i don’t want to be that. See ← i'm not the most important thing in a sentence. I did use one capital at the end when I say:

“I am proud of what i have become

who I have become.”

I say this because I think that this is an important statement and I am proud of myself and i realize that I want to be the center of attention to that sentence.

After writing I know the importance of just one letter from capitals to lower cases.

Reasons for different lines

I wrote the first line by itself to really understand that I like being alone. Then the second one I say, that being alone can alienate you from the world. I put those two different words on separate lines to get that essence for the words for alienate and world. After those 5 lines I say that some things I'm not proud of some things I have done, and I say that as a statement. Then I say I know there is no such thing as perfect then the next line I reinstate by saying the word “but.” After that I say something important,

“I am proud of what i have become

(then again i reinstate)

Who I have become”.

I did this so that people can see that i evolved from myself and more into the direction of the world..

Project Goals- 1,4,12 & 15

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