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Artist statement for Hiro's Katana

Artist Statement

The reason I chose to create Hiros katana from the Hero series on amazon prime is because I think his sword really demonstrates his cultural beliefs. Instead of using just a gun or an average sword he used something used by the Japanese.

Background on the Katana: The katana was a traditional weapon for samurai which were Japanese military warriors. The katana has lots of significance to the cultural beliefs of the japanese

How Hero acts and how he thinks related to the Katana

Hiro’s family has survived the Hiroshima bombing which I believe is where he got his name. (why is this event significant?) Its signifigant because it was a huge event in the japanese worldview when Hiroshima was bombed and his family surving this event is very cool and importent to Hiro.

2 examples from the show

In episode one he was figuring out his powers and was confused about how they work and was just figuring out everything about him.

In the book he seemed more calm and you couldn't understand fully his personality which really adds to the book/series.

I had some experience making 3D models before so it wasn't as difficult as the first time, I spent my class time polishing up the katana and making it similar to the one from the show. I think his sword has a lot of significance to his culture and to himself which Is why I choose to recreate his katana instead of some other weapon used in the book/series.

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