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Brave Donatella

Donatella is brave and she fears nothing, but her life isn't perfect, not while living with her father.

Image by: E Fitzsimmons

For my inhale i read and annotated the first chapter of "Caraval" and annotated for literary devices and my goal was to explore topic and theme. After that, I drew a character from the book (Donatella) and created a text that notes key information. I am most proud of the dress I drew for her.

Artist statement:


I drew the character Donnatella Dragna.

In the first 2 pages it explains how she has honey-blonde curly hair and she was wearing a periwinkle coloured skirt. On the skirt, she had tassels on a bustle. In the book, the barrels of rum and the wax sealed letters made me think of the 18th or 19th century, so I made her dress look like it would be made in those times.


The theme is the 18th century


I added tassels because it says she has tassels on her dress.


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