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BTS Spring Day Album Cover Art

Here again with yet another annotation of the Kpop group BTS, this time, creating a cover art reflecting the single "Spring Day".

Artist Statement:

My project's inhale portion was to annotate and translate the song “Spring Day”, by BTS; using pencil and paper as well as sticky notes. I have literal, inferential, and critical notes on the page and I have clearly organized the lyrics into colour coded categories. Additionally, on the sticky notes, I specified and rewrote the specific lyric I was pointing out. My goal for the inhale was to further explore a text of a cultural perspective that was different from mine. Next, my exhale was to create a cover for the specific song. The song comes from an album and therefore originally had a cover that matched it. But I decided to make a cover for it if it was released as a single.

At first glance, you will see a grey blob that somehow forms the shape of a human. I did that on purpose. The grey blob is a person who is huddled up in the ground, hugging their own knees and embracing it into their chest. The reason that it is so distorted is to show what kind of mess that they would have been in and the absolute emotional melting that the person was feeling. You’ll notice that they are trapped inside of a box that is isolating them from the outside world. Within the box, it is a flurry blizzard with cold sharp winds and descending snowflakes. This is a reference to how BTS brought in winter and spring. I annotated that the ice cold winter must have been the state of the person's heart. There are letters across the person's face (보고싶어) and it spells out “I miss you” in Korean. I put it across their face to express dramatic affect and bring attention to the fact that this was what the person was mainly thinking as well as the way that their body was curled into a protective position that shielded themselves from the outside world, much like the box that they were in was doing.

Now, the outside world. The season where spring takes place. With grass that has different shades of green spiked within it. Clear blue skies, and most importantly, fully bloomed cherry blossoms. I will first point out that the background is indeed messy and sloppy looking. But believe it or not, this was on purpose as well. It does not have much detail and not for no reason. The small amount of detail was to hopefully keep the viewers attention on the person in the box. I did not want viewers to be distracted by the background. To make up for lack of detail, I chose simple and bright colours to still show that spring is indeed present in the world that the person is being kept away from.

The image you see on the left side is the original album cover that goes with the song. The right image is the cover art that I created for if it was released as a separate song (a single).

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