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What's Behind Creating a Glass Painting?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The work and meaning behind creating a glass painting. How are they made? What's the thought process?

My work is about the anime Bungo Stray Dogs. the scene I tried to represent is when the main protagonist, Atsushi Nakajima says “One bowl of tea on rice. Pickled plums, slivered nori, and leftover chicken from dinner. All doused in hot-piping water, then shovelled in with salted kelp."

My work isn’t quiet since there are lots of different colours and shades which makes it stand out. I would say that my painting is a bit more on the sweet and pop side because of all the colours and shades, and I want my viewer to see that too. I made the painting this way because it seemed like Atsushi liked being at the orphanage rather than being outside, homeless and alone.

I chose the background colour to be different shades of pink because pink is supposed to be a happy, kind and fun kind of colour. I chose the colour of his outfit because when we see in the flashback of Atsushi in the orphanage, we see him wearing a blue uniform, he also wears this blue uniform when he’s at the river and meets Dazai and Kunikida.

The object I have on my page is a bowl of tea on rice, I put the tea on rice there to represent how Atsushi would always eat tea on rice back at the orphanage.

If I had to change one thing about my painting it would be the background, instead of the colour pink, I would choose yellow. I want to do this because yellow symbolizes more happiness, sunshine and warmth.

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