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Candy Crush One of the Best Selling Games

Candy Crush has made a big hit in the app store. They had made many types of Candy Crush games. Are you interested to learn more about it? Well for my project I had made my review of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush is a worldwide game many people have played, so as for me I made a review for the game. For my review, I made a slideshow showing every topic of the game. I also added I script and video for it.

My goal was to finish making the video and slideshow before the deadline.

I first did some research for my inhale. To start my research I had downloaded the game and reviewed the game and looked at their designs and gameplay. I looked over their levels and storyline.

After I finished researching I started my review and slideshow. I was proud of how I made my slideshow and the efforts I put into it.

After I finished I gave it a four out of five stars overall!

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