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Character Traits- A How-to Guide

Character traits are the things that define people. This article by Anderson L will tell you how and where to find character traits.


Character traits are defining traits that describe the personality of someone or something. Everyone has their own traits that define who they are. In this article, you can learn where you can find these traits as well as examples of ways to perceive them from my reading of “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai.

Finding traits is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. Some of the easter places include:

  • Their reaction- The way someone reacts to something usually says a lot about their character, for example, if someone were to receive some relatively bad news and instantly fly into a blind rage it is safe to assume they have a short fuse. On the contrary, if they calmly reacted they would most likely be a more level headache and calm person in general.

  • How they make choices- In my book there was a point in time where a character had to choose between closing his school and preventing education or carrying on with the risk of being bombed or assassinated. The answer said a lot about the character.

  • How they react under pressure- Under pressure someone usually acts differently than they normally would. It’s a good place because this is the place where most people's inner traits shine through.

These things won't always be available in a text but even then there are still many other places where you can find character traits.

There can be many points of view on character traits. During my reading of “I Am Malala” there were many times, I questioned the ways that some character traits could be perceived. When Malala was hiding under the name Gul Makai some may see this as a sign of cowardice because she was hiding her identity but through it, I saw that she was a cautious person. With her dad not backing down from the Taliban it could be seen as a sign of bravery or stubbornness because he never gave up while against them and both of those would be right.

The steps to finding character traits are,

  1. Finding a place where they have to act or react. Have it so the decision would vary from person to person.

  2. Look at the trait shown. What trait could it show? Pick the best one/s

  3. Add all of the traits together. Find a base of what traits you think they have.

  4. Compare. See if all the traits match up to what the character does.

Character traits can be found all over and seen in many different ways. They don’t have to just be in a text and can be found anywhere in everyday life. I hope this article proves of use to you and that you have a great day.

Thank you- Anderson L.

This post was based off the book "I am Malala" by Malala Yousafzai. It is an amazing book and I recommend you read it yourself.

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