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The Brave Coraline vs. the Creepy Doll

A little girl's escape from her "better" parents, who live in a "better" world.

I watched and annotated the movie "Coraline" and noticed how literary devices work in a text. i drew a poster after that emulated the style of a creator [Neil Gaiman]. I am most proud of the face i drew for Coraline.

Coraline Artist Statement


My poster is showing Coraline vs. the doll. It shows them beside each other to compare them both.


My poster is inspired by Neil Gaiman. The theme is horror fantasy.

Colour choices:

I used lots of blue purple and yellow because in lots of Neil Gaiman’s book and movie covers he uses those colours.

I made the background purple because purple is a dark colour and Coraline is a dark movie.


I put the real Coraline on the right because she is the right one, the real Coraline.


I made Coraline look scared because she is worried for her safety and the safety of her parents.


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