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The Amazing Corpse Bride Character Review

Similarities and differences between Emily and Victor, are they meant to be, or are they not?

Image by: Robyn Young

While I was doing my inhale, i read and annotated the movie "Corpse Bride", I annotated for character personalities and interpreted and explained character's qualities and motivations. On my exhale, I wrote and recored a character review that developed my own ideas and opinions. I really enjoyed this text.



In the movie “Corpse Bride” Emily is the corpse bride, she was killed by Lord Barkins, her ex-fiancé. She made a promise to herself under a tree that she would stay there until her true love would set her free, Victor accidentally married her while she was under the tree.

Emily is a very kind hearted person, when she gave Victor a wedding gift it was his old pet scraps that his mother told him to get rid of. Even though she loved Victor, in the end of the movie, she gave Victoria back her ring so Victor and Victoria could get married.


Victor is one of the main characters in the movie “corpse bride”.

At first he is very nervous about his arranged marriage with Victoria and he stutters and is very cautious of how he acts around her. Because of this he keeps messing up his wedding vows so when he leaves, he goes to a forest and practices his wedding vows.

He finds a hand-shaped branch and puts the ring on one of the ‘finger’s’ of the branch. The arm starts to move and a corpse comes up with the ring on her finger. The corpse is Emily, Victor accidentally married a corpse. He tries explaining to her that he didn't want to marry her and when he does he hurts Emily badly, but later on, Emily realizes how she and Victor were never meant to be married.


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