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Free Guy, The Impactful Story of Freedom

Free Guy talked about the process of becoming free which relate to our society too.

In this artist statement I will be discussing about the hidden meaning of Free Guy. On the surface Free Guy is very simple, in which the story talks about a person saving his city but on the contrary it symbolizes the escape from cycle of working everyday.

The trailer will give more back round for this.


My work represents a theme of breaking free of the normal everyday cycle. It has an inspiring notion with a bold idea similar to the goals of millions of individuals. The model of the man is an interesting work of art to many people.


As stated previously I tried to convey the meaning of breaking free of the normal everyday cycle. I worked to inspire people to try new things instead of being stuck in a cycle of working 9-5 jobs every day for their entire lives and this is similar to the actions Guy from Free Guy did. Those actions involved him getting glasses that let him into a new world which symbolizes being successful in ours.

Colour Choices

The colour grey symbolizes sadness as in the model it shows someone escaping meaning that they would be happier rather than sad.


The man trying to climb out of the cell shows that he was almost there but needs one last thing to inspire him. The design choice for this is that the majority of the movie was trying to improve it.


This artwork is based on the movie “Free Guy” and it shows that Guy from the movie breaks free like the person that is about to be in the model.

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