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Into the mind of a Schizophrenic

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

In this art piece I am showing how I view schizophrenia. I was curious to discover more about one of the world's most famous artists, Vincent van Gogh, and how he cut off his ear due to hearing voices in his head. I was inspired to create my own art piece based on a schizophrenic's mentality. I learned more about schizophrenia, hallucinations, and how they impact people in their everyday life and then created my very own art piece.

There is a figure in the center of my artwork. This is the focal point of my work. It says in the person's head, "Where is my mind at?" This is due to the fact that the individual has a confused understanding of what is going on around them, as seen by the vibrant illustrations that surround the figure. The drawings around the figure represent what a schizophrenic might see or experience while having hallucinations. This happened many times to Van Gough as he would lose consciousness and escape reality while having real-life hallucinations. When I was making this artwork I tried to make it as far from reality as possible. I did this while maintaining the focal point of my work as bold and making it stand out.

During my research I learned that when a person is experiencing both auditory and visual hallucinations they cannot distinguish what is real from what is fake. If a person who is schizophrenic takes the proper medication, their hallucinations will become more controlled. However as there was no diagnosis or treatment for schizophrenia in the 1800s, so Van Gough could not receive treatment. As a consequence of this Van Gogh continued to experience hallucinations, more specifically auditory hallucinations, which eventually led him to cut off his ear in hopes to make the “voices” go away.

This concludes my art piece and my thoughts on schizophrenia thank you for viewing my artwork.

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