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Killer Kountdown with Hosts Shae, Nya and This Time Edu

We will go over killer cults and what happend to the followers with our own opinions on each one. Sponsored by Monster Energy, logos a photos made by Nya.

In episode 2 of killer Kountdown we are happy to welcome our new host Edu and welcome a new subject Killer cults. Some of the cults we cover are...The KKK and The Mason family. Stay tuned for our own ideas and opinions on each cult. And don't forget to use the discount for 20% off your next Monster Energy purchase. catch us on 98.5 or 96.9 Radio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. and remember don't join cults!

In the making of this podcast we picked cults and did research, watched documentaries and made scripts for each one. One of the things we all like in the making of this podcast is the blooper reel also what we are proud is that it all came together and all the clips flowed together really nicely. Our goals for this project were 7 and 10 and we all think we reached them really well. Overall we are all super proud of how this turned out and cant wait for you to hear it. Listen on 98.5 or 101.5 radio today

These are the trial clips

****Triger warning content could be disterbing to some viewers****


Jones town

Heavens Gate

Do you know what cult is the hardest to get into difi-cult

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