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The Best New Lord of The Rings Trading Card Game

Updated: Jan 13, 2022


If you like the lord of the ring you will love the cards.

By: Ethan F and Ashton L


Ashton and I Ethan made trading cards based on the characters of the Lord of the Rings. On these cards, we put moves based on the scenes in the movie and the character's actions. We also put HP and a picture on the cards based on how strong they are and what they look like.


For my inhale me and Ashton watched 'The Lord of The Ring' and focused on the character development of golem. Our goal was to interpret and explain the qualities and motivation of the character. Using the new information about golem and the other characters of the 'Lord of The Rings' we made trading cards. For our goal, we created a text that uses strategies and techniques to develop characters.

Lord of the Rings always seemed like a good movie series in the world of fantasy. Though it is a long series it is a good one and we had a great time watching Frodo go through middle earth to destroy the ring.

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