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Loyalty and Love - Crazy Rich Asian’s Style

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

In my Inhale I watched the movie Crazy Rich Asians and took notes on the Young family's traits and values.

This is an art piece representing the Young family in the movie Crazy Rich Asians. The Young family is a very wealthy and well-known family in Singapore. They are very traditional and Mrs. Young is also the matriarch who has plenty of opinions about her children and how they should be living their lives.

My work appeals to the Young family because two of the big themes in the family (loyalty & love) are represented in pictures and symbols. This art piece is very bold and loud. The colors in this piece have a very important meaning. Emerald green represents abundance and Mrs. Young also often wears the color in lots of her jewelry. Gold represents wealth & luxury, especially with the combination of black.

The expensive earring and the gold chain both represent the wealth of the Young family. There are also two Chinese words on the right side, the top one means loyalty, and the bottom means love. These words are especially important to the family because loyalty to family is very important, and it is how you show your love to the family. If you are not loyal, then you do not love your family, so Mrs. Young would have you believe.

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