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Ludwig Listens reviews Orange!

Ludwig Listens back again now reading the graphic novel "Orange" by Ichigo Takano.


In this article not only will you find the script, but also a link to the podcast. This review will contain information about the storyline and plot, as well as a rating from 1 to 10 and who I would recommend this book for. I hope you enjoy!

*Spoiler Alert!*

Love, sorrow, adventure, mystery, all are words that describe Ichigo Takano's book "Orange". At the start of the school year, people in my class were going crazy over this book and I just didn't know why. But now that I've read it, out of all the graphic novels I've read this one takes the cake! Orange has a unique storyline and is easy to read. This book is suitable for almost all people since it doesn't have too much writing, yet has a full plot.

It all starts when the main character gets a letter that is supposedly from the future. A unique way to start a book, no intro or anything. Back to the book, after the letter accurately predicts the future once or twice our main character, Takimaya Naho, starts to believe it. It turns out the letter is actually from her future self and she wanted her to change the past and save a certain someone... There are plot twists riddled throughout the story getting you to hold on to every word. Orange is the type of book that when you pick it up you aren't putting it back.

There is little but still some things that aren't quite appropriate for kids in a more gruesome way. I would rate this book an 8/10 because while it is an interesting book some of the stuff seems kind of pointless like when Naho makes Kakeru's lunch. Even though it was in the letter it didn't really change anything in the end and was a bit of a waste of time. I would recommend this book as a light read. It is an interesting book that should be readable to people of multiple different reading levels. I would recommend this book to anyone from someone who could use it as practice to someone who would read it for it's good adventure, drama and romance. This has been Anderson at Ludwig-Listens signing off another book. Till next time, bye.

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