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To Read Or Not To Read

An in depth review of A Good Girls Guide To Murder

By: Katherine F, Daniela M, Payton K, Samantha H, and Kate F

About our podcast on the book A Good Girls Guide To Murder, and how we made it. We are extremely proud of the end results and the way it all came together

For this project we deiced to hold a book club and read the book A Good Girls Guide To Murder By Holly Jackson. Each one of us chose different goals and we managed to complete them all through this project. We met discuss our thoughts and ideas on the book throughout reading it. We used these ideas to create our final goal of making a podcast. When you listen we encourage you to listen to the tone and mood of the podcast and how it relates back to the theme of the book.

If you have not read the book we highly encourage you to as it is a good book and will provide you with the information needed to comprehend this podcast. Purchase the book here .

Our podcast is available on Spotify or right here, read what it's about down below.

Trigger Warning, Rape, Violence, Murder, Abuse, Drugs

Have you read A Good Girls Guide to Murder? Do you want a recap of the story or a deeper understanding? You’ve come to the right place, We are Mystery Inc. podcasts and in this discussion style podcast we talk about everything to do with A Good Girls Guide to Murder. Our hosts Daniella, Katherine, Samantha, Payton and Kate discuss our theories, our rating and more. We created this podcast for a unique new way of learning Language arts called room to breathe. In order to plan we started off by reading the book and annotated it and then recorded this podcast. If you liked this book consider checking out the next Good Girl Bad Blood and the third As good as Dead.

Podcast Artist Statement

For our room to breathe project we created a podcast about the book A Good Girls Guide to Murder. We talk about everything to do with AGGGTM from our suspects to our thoughts on the theme and topic. We centred this podcast on our theme which was the book and what happened in it. Our goals are included throughout the book, some more obvious and some you can listen for. The entire thing encompasses our big goal of a podcast where tone and mood interrelate, we did this using music, discussion and topics. Through this podcast we talk about AGGGTM and everything we learned by reading it.

Podcast Cover Artist Statement

We created this cover for for our podcast A Good Girls Guide to Murder. This cover represents aspects of the book and the podcast with a theme of the book. The cover consists of a red string behind pieces of paper(a murder board), looking similar to the book cover. We decided to make the paper and string design for several reasons, one is that we wanted it to connect to the topic of our podcast, the book. Another reason is to hint at the book genre (mystery) and include a classic murder board background. The final is that Pippa made a murder board in the book. Overall this cover represents our podcast theme and what we read about

I hope you enjoyed!

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