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The Utopian Princess

Learn all about Maya Prasad's short story "Princess".

I have created a podcast about the characters of "Princess" and their qualities. "Princess" is a short story written by Maya Prasad in the far future out in space. It is about a futuristic utopia called "The Grid" on a planet named Darwanka. The podcast goes over each character that plays a medium to a significant role in the plot and what they do and their qualities that the story goes over. I am proud of how the cover image worked out.

I think Leela developed and grew because, in the beginning, she was amazed at the beauties of Darwanka, and in the end, she saw how an AI might see, with all she saw stored and sorted in her brain as described just after the chip was installed in her brain. I think Kavya grew a little bit in the end because she allowed her daughter to be connected to the same system she despised so long ago. She also must have grown more accustomed to machines because Darwanka must have been covered in them. I don't think Nana or Nani grew much because it doesn't talk much about them except in the beginning. Leela's Dad didn't grow much because they only talked about him once.

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