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Manga Panel Representation: but Make it a Piano Piece

Updated: Jan 13, 2022


Can music really recreate many pictures and words just through the tune and sound?

As bold as the sound of music may be, people can often miss the theme and visual of it. However, there is never a correct answer to what a tune can communicate.

For this project, I tried recreating one of the events through a piano piece in the manga Orange by Ichigo Takano.

The scene I chose to play a piano piece for was The Matsumoto Bon-Bon Festival, which is supposed to be a lively and fun event where friends and family come together. Though, something unexpected happened between 2 of the well-known characters in the story, making the crowded festival suddenly quiet and sentimental.

Theme: I made sure to make the piece sound traditional, while also making it lyrical and adding some modern components to it.

My aim was to make the listener feel a calm feeling in a setting like a small village or the quiet place of a busy festival.

Layout: I used the major and minor pentatonic scale to arrange most of the piece. The pentatonic scale avoids the notes E and B, and is commonly used in traditional Chinese and Japanese music.

I also used an ABAC form, meaning that part “A” is repeated twice, and parts “B” and “C” will sound different from the main theme, “A”.

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